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UNA-DRC provides courses, simulation exercises and group sessions to women, university and college students, and primary school pupils throughout the D.R. Congo as well as for the internal staff of UNA-RDC.

Current and future development of this section of the web site portal does and will include the following types of courses for the various audiences:

    • Malaria - Causes and prevention
    • Intercultural Communication - This existing course is to assist UNA and the staff who travel abroad for human rights, education, and fund raising as well as University students who may travel for education.
    • Skype: Installation and use - A tool for VOIP communication
    • Project and programme management
    • Project and programme development and implementation
    • Non-violence, conflicts prevention and resolution and Inter-community and ethnic reconciliation
    • Simulations of United Nations organizations such as General Assembly, Security Council, and the Human Rights Council
    • Other classes - As we develop this project, we will add needed courses.