News & Current Events in the Congo

This page links to several outside news sources.

The news links and commentaries on this page are for you to become aware of the ongoing events in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Events near the eastern border of Congo are considered the worse humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Ben Affleck - ABC Nightline

Ben Afflect visited Congo three times. View his photos and video excerpts during Congo trips with ABC Nightline

Ann Curry - NBC

Ann Curry was in Goma mid-February, 2008.

Read her stories and view the videos.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Article - Paul Salopek "Congo: The Invisible War" - December 17, 20007

"With the Congolese death toll now 20 times higher than that of Darfur, and given that the worst killing in Darfur ended in 2004, why aren't outraged U.S. activists lighting candles in Central Park to "save" hapless Congo?"


CBS News Video: War Against Women in the Congo

A CNN Anderson Cooper Report - Anderson Cooper reported from eastern Congo in January 2008.

Anderson Cooper's Blog Article - War Against Women in the Congo


New York Times article: January 23, 2008


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