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Sharing Stories


From this page, you can join us in stories and discussions, as we share our journeys.



Journals of Strength: A discussion area to share your story of strength. Share your story or describe something symbolic  that reminds you of inner strength you have discovered.




Kids: Share a Day in my Life in Congo with other children around the world. What is your life like in the Dem. Rep. of Congo? Tell us about what your day is like. Share stories with other kids.




The Pen Pal Project - For Kids and Youth

See how many friends you can make from another country, within Africa and outside Africa. Please visit the Children and Youth page for more details.




Kids: Map View of Site Visitors to the Bed Nets Page

Do you see a visitor dot for your country? If not, visit the Bed Nets Page, then check the map tomorrow to find a dot near your location.

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