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Volunteering for UNA-DRC


You can help UNA-DRC by volunteering your time to help people throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

UNA-DRC works with individuals, community groups, the authorities, and the UN mission in DRC and its agencies at local and national levels.

Volunteers can help for a week up to several months. Let us know your skills and areas of interest so we can plan and match you with activities that would be of benefit. Volunteers are provided private guest room accommodations.

UNA-DRC helps the communities of Congo is several areas. Don't see you area of expertise? Let us know your interest and we will work with our cooperating organizations and agencies to find a match. Please contact us for more info.

Here are just a few general areas where volunteer help is needed:

  • Local community group work
  • Education for children
  • Human rights education
  • Career skills for women
  • Counseling for women and children
  • Food distribution for families
  • Bed net distribution
  • Awareness raising
  • Journalism
  • Technical assistance
  • Fund raising for all activites
  • Medical assistance
  • Environmental assistance


Guest Room for volunteers at UNA-DRC
Guest Room View for Volunteers


UNA-DRC works to educate and bring awareness by providing information to civil society so that discussion of important issues can be maintained.

UNA-DRC supports people through education, workshops, distribution of literature, providing help with food, clothing, bed nets, as well as other meaningful events.

Click here for a video by the Director, Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe

In the Congo, UNA-DRC is known as ANU-RDC (Association pour les Nations Unies de la RDC), thus the reason our logo and web site uses both acronyms.