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Support for Women's Issues

To purpose of this site specific forum, is to focus upon the issues that women endure in the Congo.  One of the greatest needs for these women is to develop site-based informational section and recommendations that will help facilitate the healing process for Congolese women that are victims of sexual assault, namely rape and violence.

There are two imperative needs for women that have suffered from such acts of violence. First is to acknowledge the fact that the victim is not responsible for what has happened to them.  Rape is an act of aggression and violence to which to perpetrator utilizes to render their victims powerless.  It is crucial that the victim realizes and internalizes that they did nothing to warrant this act of violence, and that they are the victims in this act of violence. 

The second step to recovery is to encourage and help the victim in talking about what has happened to them.  This step is essential in regaining both power and voice back to the victim.  Often, this is the most difficult step in beginning the healing process.  Most would like to forget the incident.  However, it is by speaking out, that the victim begins to share and heal what they have endured.  It is through this courage and strength to speak the victim begins to heal and often is able to help others in this healing process.  It is during these two stages that the victim regains their personal power, which was lost in this violent act of aggression.

In the near future, we will post a video from a counselor that will help in achieving these two goals. 

(Note:  The upcoming video will be designed to council the victim through the various stages of the healing process.)


Please visit our Sharing Page for Women: Journals of Strength


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